Puzzle: Daniel Bullock & Levina Goheen

Rose recently contacted me indicating that she thought she was connected to the descendants of Benjamin Bullock. Rose’s great-grandmother, Elizabeth, was married to Thomas Quinn. They can be found in the 1871 census (Ontario, West Durham, Township of Cartwright) with their daughter, Mary Jane, Rose’s grandmother. Rose does not know her greatgrandmother, Elizabeth’s, maiden name.

Rose and her siblings have done the Ancestry DNA test. They came up a very high 3rd cousin match with kcdjohn (Clarke Family Tree at https://www.ancestry.ca/family-tree/tree/13424834/family). Looking at this tree, Rose found great-grandparents Daniel David Bullock and Levina Goheen with a daughter named Elizabeth.

In the 1871 census mentioned above, the names next to Thomas Quinn and Elizabeth Quinn are Andrew Dean and Harriett Dean. Harriett, the daughter of Daniel Bullock and Levina Goheen, was married to Andrew Dean. Harriett had a sister named Elizabeth. Rose hypothesizes that it is quite likely that the Elizabeth and the Harriet in the 1871 census are sisters living near each other. Based on this hypothesis, Rose concludes that her great-grandmother, Elizabeth, is Elizabeth Bullock, sister of Harriett and daughter of Daniel Bullock and Levina Goheen.


One of the other trees to which to which she and her siblings have a strong connection is Tamerlouie (Dithlefsen-Berenyui Family at https://www.ancestry.ca/family-tree/tree/14932096/familyhttps://www.ancestry.ca/family-tree/tree/14932096/family) which has Bullocks (Emery Bullock) who are definitely descendants of Benjamin Bullock.

Rose also has a DNA match to kacampbell73 who’s does not have a tree on Ancestry but confirmed in an email that his great grandfather, Daniel Campbell, married Margaret Alice Bullock (born Jun 24, 1852 in Quebec). Margaret Alice Bullock is also a descendant of Benjamin Bullock.

Most recently, Rose was given another connections to a family tree containing the name Guderian. This family too is descended from Jane “Jennie” Bullock, Benjamin’s daughter.

This makes it a strong possibility that the Daniel Bullock married to Levina Goheen is a descendent of Benjamin Bullock. Benjamin had a son named Daniel. He was mentioned in Benjamin’s will in 1845. He wasn’t in Clarenceville with Benjamin and his family. We don’t know where he was. Given the DNA results, it is a good possibility that the Daniel Bullock married to Levina Goheen is Benjamin Bullock’s son.

In many of the matches Rose has received, the common elements in the trees are descendants of Benjamin Bullock. In order to make the actual connection, we need more information about Daniel Bullock. A marriage record for Daniel and Levina Goheen might give us the name of his parents. Birth, marriage or death records of their children might provide clues. Please contact me if you have anything which might help us further our knowledge of these families.