Cynthia Bullock and John Leonard Fletcher

I have posted the chart for the family of Cynthia Bullock (daughter of Benjamin Bullock and Hannah Danford) and her husband, John Leonard Fletcher. In the interest of keeping the blog post to a reasonable length, I have not included the tree in the blog. Access the Cynthia Bullock & John Leonard Fletcher tree here or on the Family Chart link in the sidebar.

Cythia and John were married in Caldwell & Christie Manors, Missisquoi, QC on 29 Dec 1829. Their first two children were born there as well. By the time of the birth of their third child, Melissa J. Fletcher, they had move to Michigan where Melissa was born. Cynthia and John Fletcher are buried in the Midland Cemetery, Midland, MI. The children and their children are found in Michigan, Ohio and California.