Publishing “The Genealogy of Benjamin Bullock”

The past few months, I have been busy upgrading a book I published about five years ago titled The Genealogy of Benjamin Bullock. My goal is to place a document with all my research in the library at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) so it is available for future genealogist who are working on our family history. The Genealogy of Benjamin Bullock will be that document. The book has an ISBN number (978-1-77136-599-4) and I am in the process of arranging to get the book to LAC. I have added a great deal of information to the new book and will include colour photos of many of our ancestors.


Above is a rare photo which I have included in the book. It shows three generations of my family. The young boy in the centre is my father, Hubert Bullock Jr. Holding him is his father (my grandfather), Hubert Bullock Sr. Seated at the front are my great-grandparents, Charles Edward Bullock and his wife, my great-grandmother, Ada Louise Boyd. This is the only photo I have found of my great grandfather, Charles Edward Bullock.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of The Genealogy of Benjamin Bullock, please contact me at

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